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STH Newsletter
Occasional updates, plus bonus idiotic ramblings. (We've never sent more than one e-mail per month.)

Popular Lists

25 Reasons Why McDonald's is Better Than the Catholic Church

Top 10 Rejected City Slogans Part 2

40 Ways to Fuck With a Bad Waiter

The 25 Most Inappropriate Things An Objectivist Can Say During Sex

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Popular Editorials

Enough Photos of Firemen and Flags

On Triple Splitz-O Cups and Starving Children

In Defense of Large Fake Breasts
Published in Gallery Magazine.

The DOG Award
A critique of the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign. Published in High Times magazine.

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Series Archives

9/11 Archive
Personal eye-witness accounts, commentary, and recommended reading.
(Serious stuff, from a very black month.)

The Self-Gratification of the Day Award
The award is no more, but you can check out the archive.

Ultimate Punk Cover Song Project
We've retired this list, so if you're interested in maintaining it on your own site, let us know.

Welcome to, a magazine of humor, satire, and commentary for people who prefer thinking over eavesdropping on cell phone discussions about where some asshole is and how many minutes it'll be until he gets home, watching months of inept TV media dissections of depressingly weak political candidates, or having to substitute good wishes for success in the new year with the hope that most of the airplanes land where they're supposed to.
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Gone, but not forgotten...
Roughly corresponding to this website's 8th anniversary (2/1/08), a newly designed website will be launched. Even better, we'll actually start posting new content. Stay tuned. (For you kids, that's a reference back to the days when people watched something called "television".)

10 or 11 Useless Pieces of Wisdom

Read or Post Comments
Recent post:
"I really don't know what's more pathetic, the whole article or the fact that you even wrote it..."

Real News
The funniest and weirdest news stories throughout the day, as reported by the major news sites.

Recent Stuff

Nice Guys Don't Change the World

Al Gore Gave Us the Internet. Now He Wants to Take It Away.
Review of Al Gore's "The Assault on Reason" (Book Excerpt)

The Virginia Tech. Massacre and the Art of Passing the Moral Buck

Time to Speak Up

Grey-Haired, Senile Asshole
Don Imus and His Bad Impression of a Sexist Black Guy

Queen Grants Honorary Knighthood to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

The Spokesherd
Group spokesmen in TV advertising.

Castle Blanc: White Castle Slyders and a Glass of Barolo

Tehran International Book Fair: Celebrating 20 Years of Ignoring the Jew-Hating Elephant in the Living Room

A Note to Blackberry Users and The Stupidest Thing Bill O'Reilly Ever Said

Unseen Movie Reviews: Rocky Balboa
Just because you haven't seen it, doesn't mean you can't review it.

"Net Neutrality": Freedom Cannot Be Forced

Ten Things Americans Know About New Zealand

Weathermen, Pi, and the Letter "Hey"

Name a Star, Name an Ass

An Environmentalist's Crimes Against Reality

Suicide Walks, Howard Stern, Marilyn Milian, and New York City Night Court

A Little Iraqi Historical Re-revisionism

Unfortunate Candidates for Hell
New from Aaron Kendall

Pro-Life Group Files Class Action Suit on Behalf of Unborn Babies

Death Row Documentary Filmmaker Released from Prison, Cleared of Charges

Mars Colonists Wild About "America's Most Wanted Child Molesters"

Office Terminology

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40 Ways to Get Yourself Out of a Slump
45 Fun Things to Do at a Funeral
Rational Marriage Vows for Men
Top 10 Reasons to Date Outside Your Race
43 Pranks to Play at Work That May or May Not Get You Fired
Mostly 80's Television Episodes That Didn't Make It Past the Censors
Top 10 Must-See Movies for Liberals

Opening of Handicapped Inaccessible Convenience Store Attracts Protest "March"
Male on Male Rape May Cause Tooth Decay, Study Shows
New Cranial Implant Raises Concerns Over "Brain Hacking"
News! Religious Scholar Resigns in Wake of Evidence Scandal

Outbursts and Editorials
La Guerra Contra El Terrorismo
My Rejected Yahoo! Personal Ad
American Idols
A Good Date Starts and Ends with Sex
Porn, Sex, Wedding Rings, and Stupid Google Tricks
Hard Rock T-Shirts and Other Annoyances

More Anti-Islamist Cartoons from Denmark
When Stock Photography Goes Porn
The e-mail from Google I wish I never received
Our EZpoll account was cancelled due to "inappropriate site content".
Read the correspondence between us and them.
Amusing Search Keywords
Actual keywords people typed into search engines like Google to find this site. It's great that we can be a resource for "printable shower games", "vagina mold kit", and "she noticed bulge".

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Weekly Poll
What's your favorite invention?

Dick Cheney's iPod
Dan Quayle's GPS system
Spiro Agnew's satellite radio
Thomas Jefferson's nanosurgery robot

"I Choose Not to Vote"
Florida politicians are starting to catch up with me.

Jesus and Mary Chain Reunite
I won't be able to go, but this makes me very happy. And what do you know, Jim and William Reid play on their sister Linda's new album and video. That's her voice, but has their style all over it (and sounds like a little of their voices backing her up, too).

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