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10,000 Frenchmen
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STH Newsletter
Occasional updates, plus bonus idiotic ramblings. (We've never sent more than one e-mail per month.)

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E-tarded E-mail

Taking the crank call into the new millennium... The following are actual e-mail exchanges.

International Star Registry (Name a star after someone!)

Healthy Highways (Author and frequent talk-show guest)
(4/28/04) (An e-greeting card site)

Endangered Species Chocolate and Biblical Action Figures
(6/11/03) (A nudist anti-war group)
(2/18/03) (An anti-war group)
(2/18/03) (An "inspirational" poster company)

ChristianAnswers.Net (A Christian help site)

Godly Links (Christian Web directory)

Lambert Dolphin's Resources (Part of "The Science and the Bible SiteRing")

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