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Rome is Burning: Lyre Lessons, Anyone?

Evidently, Emperor Nero was hanging out in Antium (now Anzio), not actually playing a fiddle or even a lyre.

I see myself, though, as being productive in some way rather than lounging around at my palace. It’s a tough choice, though. And you really need to define “productive”. Is it productive to learn how to play the lyre when (a) you don’t see a lot of band openings for, ehem, lyricists, and (b) is the mastery of antiquated instruments something that, say, George Washington would have approved of in Revolutionary times?

On the other hand, is it productive constantly to be on the shit end of the proverbial stick on every major political argument? Is it possible to teach neurosurgery to an aborigine? Hell, is it possible to teach the advantages of using a set of four wheels over, say, balancing shit on your head?

I am awaiting, and actively searching for, the “aha” moment at which time I experience a complete sense of motivation to become the best damn wheel salesman this world’s ever seen. Or at least a halfway decent fiddler. I figure I’ll start with “Stairway to Heaven” and move on to U2.

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