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Johnny Depp, Here I Come

Today is the first day it occurred to me that there could conceivably come a day when I would consider moving to Europe, because the United States is too liberal.

This helped: The Phantom Recovery

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1 Jeff { 06.14.10 at 3:09 am }

After reading the linked article and comparing the intellectual and cultural state of Europe to that of North America (Tony Banks of Genesis recently commented that they can’t play as many progressive and instrumental compositions on tour in the U.S. because of American attention spans, to cite just one example), Europe is starting to look more and more attractive.
If I had one “nitpick,” it is that I still refuse to accept that those on the Left are “liberals” (many of them apparently no longer accept the term, anyway, which please me, because I’d like it back).

2 Jason Roth { 06.14.10 at 6:55 am }

Yeah, of course I agree with you about the use of the term; I used to be more strict about using “leftist”. What I like about “liberal” (as a pejorative term) is that it conveys a sense of unprincipled sloppiness. “Leftist” sounds like someone who’s gone through the pros and cons of servitude and calmly come to the conclusion that a concentration camp is the just the best place to raise your kids. Maybe I should stick with “Left-Wing”. That sort of connotes a terminal of a building in which a whole range of people, some innocent, some not as much, are just sauntering through together. But it begs the question: the left wing of what? There are Republicans who occupy this wing, as far as I’m concerned, which kind of invalidates the use of “left” in any sense.

“Collectivist” is sounding better and better.

3 Jason Roth { 06.22.10 at 2:36 pm }

Europe’s tough measures expose trans-Atlantic rift

Which side of the equator are we on again?

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