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IQ Level of Kidnapping Victims

Contrary to popular opinion, we have a hang-up here in America about “blaming the victim”. It’s a hang-up because the independentmindedness of the average American requires that the victim of a crime be given the utmost respect insomuchas a crime could never possibly be committed only due to a victim’s acquiescence to the requests of the perpetrator. I.e., criminals are guilty and victims are innocent. But, if I may inquire, what if the victim is a moron?My gut tells me that the FBI Crime Lab conducts few studies and presentations on the topic of “Kids as Kidnapper Enablers”, or “Are Kidnapping Victims Generally Stupider Than Your Average Slob, and If So, How Do We Stop These Fucking Idiots from Getting into the Goddamn SUV, With or Without Candy?” But why not? And why shouldn’t candy be used for the forces of good? I say if a kidnapper uses fun-size Krackel bars, we break out a two-pound solid-chocolate Easter bunny. You could bash a kidnapper over the head with that thing, or dip it in peanut butter.It occurred to me that the study of the IQ level of kidding victims would not be the most PC of areas of scientific inquiry. It would be un-PC because of course there are actual victims of kidnapping. What I wonder, though, is whether less intelligent children are more often the victims of kidnapping than the more intelligent. (For the sake of this conjecture, we will ignore the difference between IQ level and intelligence.) The tricky part about studying this would be that you’d probably only be able to psychologically evaluateĀ  victims post-kidnapping, so it would be hard to be sure whether the traits you’ve identified were present prior to the kidnapping or were perhaps brought out or punctuated by the kidnapping itself. But then again, maybe you could convince a whole town to analyze their kids, and then set up shop until one gets swiped. (Though I’d suggest having a large financial reward at your disposal to help the cops find the kid, otherwise you’re wasting your time.)I wonder if I’m the only one who remembers as a kid seeing other kids who were lazy, mean, or stupid? (In fact, other than “normal” and “smart”, I’d say these are the three main classifications of child. But I mean the real “smart”, not “smart” as defined by parents applauding their kid learning to walk at age six. “Wow, and no one even taught him how to do that!”) There’s some kind of compassion switch that gets triggered when people become adults that seems to make people forget this. This is why I always try to remember that kids can be, and often are, both cute and stupid. When they become adults, the lucky ones remain cute and the rest bag groceries. (I say that in the figurative sense, since there are many white-collar jobs equivalent to or beneath bagging groceries on the “value to society” scale.)Maybe it would be more accurate to hypothesize that, rather than IQ or intelligence being the factors, a particular psychological profile would likely be seen in the victims of kidnapping versus those who resist kidnapping. As much as I might be seen right now as picking on helpless (albeit, stupid) children, it seems obvious that a certain psychological profile would make a kid more likely to fall victim to kidnapping, in the same way that certain kids have a target on their backs when it comes to getting bullied.It’s one thing to say “don’t blame the victim” so that a kid, now an adult, can get past the idea that Father O’Flaherty made him pray in unconventional ways. But if you want to reduce the amount of victimhood, it might be worth looking at what ideas or psychological anomalies, if any, some kids might possess in their brains to make a criminal’s job easier. And, to quote a famous child advocate, comedian Sam Kinison, “If there’s one in there, I want it out!”(Granted, Sam was talking about homosexual fantasies, but you get the idea.)

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