Hollywood Ending or Not

Here's what we know for sure. We are all going to die. And it'll probably be painful.

We knew this before. Now, it's front and center in consciousness.

There are many tasks at hand, but one basic psychological one. To re-calibrate our object of focus to life, its values and requirements, and the tasks necessary to sustain these. This will take time. But stay the course, and take careful note of what you can control, and each time you've succeeded in doing so.

And be careful not to go down the road of distraction. Voluntarily, momentarily forgetting is not bad in itself, but a sequence of such attempts can result in your mind, whether you like it or not, grasping your chosen disconnectivity from reality. It's a recipe for creating and preserving anxiety. Your mind will know you are failing it. Instead: plan, organize, structure, take thoughtful action, and move forward. Do it again. And again.

You will gain trust in yourself, or remember that you deserve it. In this way, your consciousness will become enveloped around what is known and what is truly worthy of trust: your mind.

And if a big fucking asteroid should come crashing down from space tomorrow, at least you'll be there: your head sticking out from under the smoldering rock, knowing that you didn't waste every non-big-fucking-bloody-asteroid-death day whining like a bitch.

You lived.

These are the days when we will learn that free will is the freedom to think or not, and to act for or against one's own interest - not the freedom to partake in any whim. Will you acknowledge what is in your interest and act in its favor?

Think of this as an opportunity to show yourself, and the world, that you are a hero, not a wannabe hero. You're the captain on the ship in the movie when the storm looks like it's gonna take everyone down. You keep your hands on the helm, not because you know success is guaranteed, but because you know failure is if you don't.

At the end of the movie, you admire or even love the captain. Regardless of which of the two types of movie you might be watching.

April 10, 2020

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